Why Lease a Luxury Vehicle | Mission, TX

Why Lease a Luxury Vehicle | Bert Ogden Maserati | Mission, TX

Leasing — instead of buying — a luxury vehicle has many benefits. Have you considered leasing a vehicle from Bert Ogden Maserati? There are multiple reasons this approach is a good idea.

You’ll save money

For some buyers, luxury cars are barely out of reach. If you dream of driving a luxury car or SUV but the payment might just be slightly too high for your budget, consider a lease instead. Because you are not buying the vehicle but are just “renting” it from the dealership for a few years, you will not have to pay off the full vehicle. Instead, you will only pay the price difference between what the Maserati is worth now and what it is projected to be at the end of your lease. That means lower monthly payments and a significantly lower down payment.

Your Maserati will stay covered

Leased vehicles are under warranty for the full duration of the contract. What does that mean? If your Maserati experiences mechanical issues through no fault of your own, repairs are completely covered. No expensive, unexpected costs for you.

You can upgrade every few years

Luxury automakers are at the forefront of the automotive technology revolution. That means each year, luxury automakers are putting out newer and more advanced safety and infotainment systems. By leasing, you won’t feel obligated to hold onto your car for several years as you might if you bought it. Instead, you can keep up with new technologies and styles by leasing a new Maserati every three years.

The process is easy

There is a lot less work involved with a lease than a purchase-financing deal. That means we can get you in and out of the dealership much faster. Turning over the lease is also easy; save yourself the hassle of trying to sell your vehicle when you’re ready for a new one.

Bert Ogden Maserati has the newest Maserati models in stock ready for you to take home. Contact us for more information on how leasing can fit your budget.


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