Fall Maintenance Guide for Your Maserati | Mission, TX

Fall Maintenance Guide | Bert Ogden Maserati | Mission, TX

Regular vehicle maintenance is crucial to ensure your Maserati car or SUV is around for the long haul. A good way to stay on top of routine maintenance is to take care of basic maintenance tasks each season. Here’s what the service team at Bert Ogden Maserati recommends you do every autumn for your Maserati vehicle in Mission, Texas.

Prepare for Trips North

Texas stays pretty warm even during the winter, but if you will be road tripping up north to visit family and friends over the next six months, the fall is as good a time as any to prep it for colder weather. This means making sure your battery is in good working order, testing your heater, and making sure your tires are properly inflated.

Test Out Your Lights

When fall arrives, so do earlier night skies. Because of daylight savings time and the shortening of days, you can expect to be using your headlights more regularly in the fall and winter. Ensure all your exterior lights are working (including headlights, taillights, brake lights, fog lights, brights, and turn signals) before heading out into the dark.

Get Regular Maintenance

At the very least, your Maserati needs an oil change and tire rotations a couple of times a year. Now is the perfect time to bring it in to Bert Ogden Maserati in Mission, Texas, for basic maintenance. We can also do a thorough inspection to pinpoint potential issues, let you know if your vehicle has any recalls, and perform any other mileage milestone maintenance, like spark plug replacement or brake work.

Replace Your Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are typically only good for half a year. Because most people tend to install fresh blades in spring at the start of the rainy season, the six-month mark typically lands in the fall, meaning now is a good time to replace the blades.


For all your car maintenance needs, contact the service department at Bert Ogden Maserati in Mission, Texas.

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